Sunday, 13 December 2015

Can Materialistic Things Really Make Us Happy?

I was very upset a few days back and looking for something that can make me happy.

Being a woman the best solution I found is to go to the market and splurge money. No doubt I forgot about all my worries and got a peace of mind.

But for how long?

Is it really the solution for all problems? Can materialistic things really make us happy?

Suppose I buy a lavish phone and feel very happy; but for how long is this happiness going to stay?
Has happiness today just restricted to worldly pleasures and luxurious things?

What about our internal peace of mind?

Actually in this fast paced world and hectic lives, we are completely forgetting about true happiness. We just try to find it out in small things we can buy with money.

The reality is that we should spend money on real happiness and memorable life experiences which can bring a smile on our face whenever we think about them; not on the materialistic things.

Why, because in pursuit of inner happiness, our experiences are what matter more than just the material things like car, home, jewelry etc.
True Hapiness
Money Cannot Buy True Happiness

This is not something we are unaware of. We just don’t want to believe, because we don’t want to make efforts to find real happiness. We just look for momentary solutions and move ahead.
So the question is what should we do? Should we stop buying things?

No we shouldn’t; rather we can’t because it is also important for comfortable life.
But we should also take out time and make efforts to collect good experiences and memories.

Let’s take a simple example.

I went to dine out alone, I felt good but for how long?

Next time I went out with a group of my friends, we had lots of fun…. This I am going to remember forever. So, why can’t we take out time to spend with our friends? We have got so much busy in our lives that we manage with the materialistic things only. And every time the blame goes to shortage of time or the responsibilities.

Even this has been proved scientifically that buying expensive things can’t give us happiness, so why should we waste money.

Moreover materialistic things just make us greedy. You never feel satisfied. You buy latest model of any phone. Within months a new model will come in the market and you will start craving for that again. But the true happiness gives you inner satisfaction that stays forever.

So, the gist is that we should not run behind the material thing; we should try to preserve the moments, savor the pleasure and enjoy life to the fullest. Savoring every moment with family, friends and loved ones will bring a lasting smile on your face, which can never be measured by money.

Share your thoughts on how can we get true happiness and spread happiness.