Saturday, 9 September 2017

#LoveJatao to Grandparents By Making Them Feel Special

Having grandparents is a blessing. They not only love us unconditionally but also forget about their own problems and pains when playing with us. But in today’s busy lives we forget this gift of God. We get so much busy with our own lives that grandparents start to feel neglected. Though they don’t show how bad they feel and continue to bless us, pamper us and love us, but in reality, it kills them from inside.

I have a three years’ old son and when I see him playing with his grandparents and the cute smile on both his dada and dadi’s face, I feel great. I can see the child inside them which comes out only when they play with him.

Be it fulfilling his all the wishes or protecting him from my anger, they do everything which at times being a parent I might not be able to do. Not just the grandparents’ day, I strive hard to make every day special for them and one of the ways to do is to praise them every day for loving my son more than me. I know it’s not a big thing but in today’s time when children get so busy in their personal lives, spending time with the family is in itself a big thing.

On this grandparents’ day, I asked my son to touch his grandparents’ feet and seek their blessing. I also asked him to wish them #HappyGrandparentsDay which he did by wishing them Happy Birthday.  As the special day will also be celebrated in his school, l took my son Mokshik’s grandparents to his school to be a part of the celebration. Last year I took Mokshik and his grandfather to the school function. Teachers were welcoming grandparents and clicking photographs with the kids. The smile and that feeling on my father-in-law’s face cannot be defined in words.

#LoveJatao - Mokshik With His Dadu and Nanu
As there are very few opportunities to show our love to our parents and grandparents, I will utilize this opportunity well. To make it a happy grandparent’s day, I will take them out for dinner. I will take my son to the market and get some surprise gifts for his dada and daadi. However, he just wants to get a cake as a gift for his dada dadi and nana nani. The best thing about my little champ is that both his paternal as well as maternal grandparents live nearby.

Though I am happy that my son is so lucky to have such loving and caring grandparents, by the end of this post I seriously started missing my grandparents.

This is how I am planning to make this grandparents’ day special for my son’s grandparents. I look forward to hear from you how would you celebrate Grandparents Day. Do share a selfie with your grandparents on Sept. 10, 2017 on Twitter or Facebook with #LoveJatao & tag @blogadda to win a goodie from Parachute Advansed.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Learning English Gets Easier With Pathshala Funwala

Pathshala Funwala

In today’s highly competitive world where global boundaries are shrinking, there is a requirement of a common language. And that common language is English. Not just for interaction with the people from across the world but English is also important to get success in professional life. In today’s time, it has become a common language, which every student needs to learn to succeed in life.

I studied from a government school where English was taught just as a subject. There was no focus on spoken English due to which I faced problems when I started looking for a job. I was left with no option than looking for a coaching center to work on my spoken English skills. I was lucky enough to get good teachers, who taught English not just as a subject but as a fun activity.

But not everyone is lucky like me. I have seen so many people, who couldn’t clear interviews in MNCs and top companies just because they lacked at English. Despite having good knowledge of their domain, they didn’t get preference in the interviews and all because of average communication skills.

We know the importance of English and want to learn the language as well, but for one of other reason fail to do that. One of the common reasons faced by many people is money. People want to learn English but fail to get admission in top institutions due to their high fees. Sometimes it is also the lack of resources available in some areas.

Undoubtedly India is growing at a fast pace and there is a lot of technological advancement like easy access to computers, the internet etc. But still, there are some regions where students don’t have access to resources to learn English. Now there is someone who instead of just talking about the problem has come up with the solution to it.

Pathshala Funwala

Nihar Shanti Amla has started an initiative ‘Pathshala Funwala’ to help students learn English in a different way. Nihar Shanti Amla has started a toll-free number 8055667788 under its 'Pathshala Funwala' initiative where interested people can learn English by just calling at the given number. This is a great learning method for those having the shortage of money for full-fledged courses. The best part is that you won't even be charged for making a call as the brand has launched a toll-free number. All you need is to dial the number and learn English in a fun way.

If your friends or family members are also looking for right place to learn English, do tell them about Nihar Shanti Amla's toll-free number 8055667788.

I am definitely going to tell all my friends and known people who want to learn English or are looking for English learning resources for their kids.

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Monday, 31 July 2017

It Is Not Your Job, It’s You: The Real Reasons You Are Unhappy At Work

At one point or the other, you must have felt bored at the job. The excitement for work seems to have lost somewhere. No matter how perfect the job is or how great the boss is, you feel discontent and always think of looking for another option.  

But you will be shocked to know that every time it is not your job that’s the problem; rather, it’s you. Though it is easy to blame the situations outside for dissatisfaction at the job, but sometimes the problem lies within you. In such a situation, only an honest introspection can help you know why you feel unhappy at work and how to make your job interesting.

Once you accept that it’s not your job, it’s you that’s making you unhappy at work half the problems will be solved. Here are a few signs to prove that it’s you making things difficult for yourself.

You are too sensitive

Bosses are always there to give their suggestion and correct your errors. Now switching the job every now and then while calling bosses too rude is actually your problem, not boss’s. Instead of taking criticism too personally, you should try changing your mindset.

You don’t interact with people

Do you always feel that you are always assigned different tasks from co-workers? This will continue to happen until you directly approach your boss and discuss the things clearly. Ask your boss why you are always given A, B and C tasks when other members in the team get X, Y and Z tasks.

Speaking about the problem is better than blaming others and hampering your work.

You don’t accept mistakes

No one is perfect in this world. Every one of us makes mistakes, which we all need to accept. You won’t be able to correct yourself until you accept your fault. So instead of being defensive, think about solving the problem. Soon you will find yourself doing great at the job.

You don’t give time to the things to happen

 In an organization with a different department and a hierarchy for every task, it takes some time to implement even a simple idea. But you want your unique idea to be implemented overnight and if it doesn’t happen you feel demotivated at the job.

Instead of feeling bad, you should be happy that at least your views were given a chance. Think about the organization where employees don’t even get an opportunity to present their ideas.

No matter what, you should never blame your job for your unhappiness until you properly analyze the situation. When it comes to career and growth, you shouldn’t just look at one aspect. Take ownership of things and find the real reason behind your displeasure at work.

Monday, 24 April 2017

An Incomplete Love Story Of A #HalfGirlfriend? Share Yours!

“If the feelings are mutual, the effort will be equal.”

This is the mantra for success of any relationship; especially when it is of a boyfriend and a girlfriend. They both need to have mutual feelings for each other else it becomes a ‘half relationship’. But what happens when the love story is one sided.

What if the other person is just playing with your feelings because he knows that he is complete world for someone?

I haven’t personally gone through this but have closely seen one of my friends going through such relationship. As this is story of my friend, respecting their privacy I will not use their real names. Rather, I will use imaginary names:

Priya was deeply in love with a Anmol but for him it was just “Dost se Zyaada, Girlfriend/Boyfriend se kam”.

It was during college days, when the craze and charm for love is at peak. Boys and girls meet, they spend time together and fall into love. Priya haa a crush on Anmol and with involvement of some friends started talking to him. Priya was from those extra ordinary students who always top in the class. So Anmol took advantage of it and started chatting with her just to get her help in exams and assignments.

The long chats took their relationship from friendship to love and the goody-goody things started happening. Dates, movies, long drives and gifts, everything was great for a few months.

But everything hasn’t been made for a happy ending. Everything was great for a few weeks, but suddenly things changed. And the culprit was social media. A few messages here and there and problems started arising, which couldn’t be solved ever.

Later, Priya also realized that Anmol was just passing time and was playing with her feelings for his personal benefit. From his habits to family background and relationship, he lied about each and everything. Initially she tried hard to save her drowning relationship, but ultimately she gave up and planned to move on in her life.

Though a broken love is painful and upsetting, but if it is with a wrong person, it is better to separate ways. This is what Priya did and I would say it was for good as now she has found her true love who completes her.

The upcoming movie “Half Girlfriend” wonderfully captures this reality of life. Though this is just a movie, there are many people in real life who have got stuck in such relationships where they just become “Dost se Zyaada, Girlfriend/Boyfriend se kam”. They get stuck in one sided relationships and end-up hurting themselves.

You can catch movie’s trailer here:

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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

How Serein Offers a Life of Malabar Hill in Thane?

If you have always dreamt of owning a home in Malabar Hill, but couldn’t realize this dream, you have got the opportunity now with Serein.

This is a residential project located in the posh location of Thane and offers a lifestyle that people of Malabar Hill enjoy and you crave for. Located on Pokhran Road 2, Serein is the new center of luxury with all the advanced amenities a contemporary home buyer wishes to have in his home.

There are various locational based and other features that make Serein Malabar Hill of Thane such as smooth connectivity, lush greens, proximity to the public utilities and entertainment hub.

Tata Housing has thoughtfully selected the location for the project. Blessed with the Upvan Lake and Sanjay Gandhi National Park in close proximity, it makes a perfect abode for those who love to enjoy the elements of nature like greenery, hill views and chirping of birds. By owning a home here, you don't need to visit Malabar Hill on weekends for a picnic. 

If you are still thinking how Serein is Malabar Hill of thane, here goes the list:

Proximity to well-developed social infrastructure: Whether you are looking for a good school for your child or want a home in proximity to retail stores, the project has smooth connectivity to all.

Easy transportation: The project has a smooth road, rail and bus connectivity for those who prefer to travel by public transport. Eastern Express Highway, Ghodbunder road, and Thane-Belapur road are close to the project to help you reach different destinations quickly.

Life in a smart city: Thane has been recently included in the list of Smart Cities of India, which ensures round-the-clock water and power supply, complete safety and security of the residents and proper hygiene with the solid waste management system. 

About Serein

Serein is the one-of-its-kinds project developed by Tata Housing. Based on the wellness theme, the residential project offers a lifestyle for the nature lovers. Be it the luxury of living in a posh flat or enjoying the nature's elements with various activity spaces, everything is at your disposal at Serein. The builder in association with innovative minds offers homes that make a legacy and help you realize the dream of owning a lavish abode at a safe and secure location.

Vitamin C-infused shower, EMF shield, RO filter in kitchen, air purifier in living room, organic farm, sand pit, park, pet park, lotus pond, forest boardwalk, skating area and nature trail are some of the features offered to match the Wellness theme and to help the residents live a happy and healthy life.

Come and live amidst affluence at Tata Housing's benchmark project Serein.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

#DearZindagi: My Husband is my jug!

Friends are our lifeline. They laugh with us; cry with us; dance with us and do a lot more madness to fill the life with joy. 

I really can’t even imagine my life with friends. I watched the trailer of Shahrukh Khan and Alia Bhat’s upcoming movie ‘Dear Zindagi’ where Alia calls Shahrukh “Jug” of his life. She calls him jug of his life because she can share everything with him.

On watching it, the person who came to my mind was my husband. He is the real “Jug” of my life. I can:
  • Love him
  • Fight with him
  • Share everything with him
  • Vent out my anger on him, and
  • Enjoy every small moment with himI really can’t imagine a day without him. 
I might fight with him all day long, but this also has its own beauty and charm. He is the person who can listen to my crap throughout the day; can pamper me like a baby and can fulfill my silliest wish.

I have many friends in my life, but not all are aware of the minute details of my lifestyle, behavior, likings, disliking, ambitions and career goals. As a jug of my life he not just listens to me but also supports me in my goals.

Whenever I am stressed, he is the guy I can rely on and can share everything. I have heard people saying that you should not share each and everything with your husband as it can create a problem in your life, but I strongly disagree with this point.
Jug of My Life
He made me feel that life is beautiful. Handling me is like handling a stubborn child who wants everything then and there. He knows how to handle me. Whenever I win or achieve something, I can see more excitement in his eyes than mine. He is the only person I can rely on when I have to share some secret or worries because he understands my state of mind and makes things easier and smooth for me. 

These are just a few reasons that make my husband “jug” of my life; there are millions of other things making him so special in my life. After my mom, he is the only person in my life I admire the most. We have gone through many ups and downs due to other family problems, but he never let me break. He is always there with me as my strength. 

Every one of us has a jug in our life. Share who is your jug through comments!!

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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

How Can a Home with Advanced Amenities Make Your Life Smooth?

Having a home of our own is a prized possession. Owning a home in a city like Bangalore is like a dream come true for most. We save our hard earned money to buy a home that fills our lives with happiness, convenience, and comfort.

Don’t you love your home more than anything else and try to make as good as possible?

Yes, everyone wants their home to be the best. One of the major factors that make a home good is its amenities. In today’s time, in addition to the basic facilities like water, electricity, and parking, contemporary home buyers look for homes that are equipped with other world-class amenities.

Owing to busy lifestyles, people seldom find time to look out for facilities like gym, clubs, swimming pools and so forth. This has made home buyers look for homes that come packaged with all these facilities. In other words, people want homes that are ahead of time. Expecting all these amenities isn’t just a status symbol anymore, but people’s endeavour for a serene and relaxed life.

Here are some of the benefits of living in a home with advanced amenities:

Time-saving: When you buy a home with a club and swimming pools right next to your doorstep, a lot of travelling time is saved. Further, you can utilize these facilities at any time as per your convenience, which is easier said than done by having a membership with other clubs.

Safety: Whether it is a small home or a lavish villa, safety is the major concern of every home buyer. A home constructed using latest technology ensures complete protection from natural as well as physical threats. Living in homes that ensures the protection of your loved ones gives you peace of mind and happiness.

Better health: Increased sound and air pollution has made lives really difficult. One of the features these futuristic homes offer is better health. Various factors such as green landscapes and ample open areas make these homes eco-friendly.

Sobha Limited has come up with its futuristic project Sobha Dream Acres. This project is a perfect blend of impeccable design, comfort and security. Thanks to using precast technology, the buildings are water, fire, and earthquake resistant.

Not just the amenities, it is the construction technology adopted that differentiates Sobha Dream Acres from various other residential projects.

Spread over 81 acres and having around 80% of open space, this premise is a perfect place for a fresh breath every morning. Facilities inside the premises include five clubhouses, swimming pools, health clinic, yoga room, separate sports’ facility for kids and adults, open air theater, ATM, convenience retail store, and so forth.

Location of a residential project plays a vital role. It becomes extremely difficult to manage if your home is located far away from key places like offices, hospitals, schools or colleges.  

Only a few builders like Sobha Limited pay attention to this aspect. Sobha Dream Acres is strategically located in the Golden Quadrilateral of Bangalore. This is a well-connected area with close proximity to medical facilities, educational institutes, IT parks, shopping malls, and so forth.

Book your home today and get ready for a lavish life in an apartment at Sobha Dream Series.