Thursday, 1 September 2016

What are the top trends in construction technology?

Building construction is a time-consuming and laborious task. To ease the process and improve the quality of the construction, the companies are now looking for advanced tools and technologies. The construction industry is slowly becoming a ‘machine-dominated’ industry. These technological advancements have brought revolutionary change in the industry.

Every day researchers come up with new technologies to transform the construction industry and make it a safer place to work. Here are top technologies that are trending in Indian real estate market.

Mivan: This is an aluminum framework system, companies use to build a large number of houses in a short span of time. The technology allows the constructors to cast the whole slab, beam and column at one go. It improves the quality of construction by giving it a better finish, uniformity in structural components and speeding up the process.

Building Information Management (BIM): This is one of the best advancements in the construction industry. The technology helps the construction companies provide 2D and 3D models of the project to help the buyers get a better view of the project. The developers can further use the BIM system to freeze on every project detail from the initial stage. Olympeo Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. uses the technology and says that it has helped the company control cost and improve the quality of construction.

Drones: Though it is not a completely new trend for real estate industry, in construction is has recently gained popularity. This helps the companies check work progress effectively. The drone technology also helps the builders examine difficult spots of the building, which are difficult to reach. The trend is expected to grow further with more and more construction companies using drones for comprehensive documentation of project progress.

We are in a market where companies are introducing innovative technologies to beat the competition and win the trust of the buyers. Effective utilization of these tools can help the construction companies reduce cost, improve quality and speed up the construction process. Whether you are a large-scale builder or a new entrant in the industry, the trending technologies open a world of great possibilities in the future. It’s completely up to you how you use these and get benefited for better growth.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Stop Existing Start Living – We Have Got Only One Life

A few days back I saw one of my friends’ Whatsapp status “Stop Existing Start Living” which put me in a deep thought. The status forced me to think that are we really living our life to the fullest or just dragging it as we don’t have any other option.

Today everyone has got so much busy with the social responsibilities that these have taken over our lives completely. Our most of the time either goes in working in the office or in thinking about how to make more money for better life. We get so much busy with these worldly responsibilities and in making a better future that the today gets completely spoilt.

And the worst affected from this “more money” fuss is the middle-class group with limited income. The worries of providing better and secured life to the children, sending them to the best schools and fulfilling their all the wishes take away the charm of life.

I once read that the situation in which we born are not in our control, but the life we live is somehow in our control. It is completely up to an individual whether he wants to drag the life in the same conditions or tries to change the conditions for a better life.

There are so many things we miss in the busy life like:

Quality time with the kids. This is the thing I keep making my husband understand that he is missing our son’s childhood just because of his job. He is not the only one; there are many who work day and night for a few extra bucks but at the compromise of the family life. Just once try to give some time to the children, look at their mischievous activities and I bet you will forget all your worries.

Trips to dream destinations. My mom owns a shop and every time I ask her to go to any place, the only excuse she has is the loss of business due to tough competition. Once I forcefully took her to Shirdi and asked about the relief she got by taking a break from her regular work? She was really happy and relaxed.

Reading favorite books. After a lot of work in the office and then household chores, there is very less time left for personal activities. And when it comes to compromising on something for more productive work, the only thing gets affected are the personal interests like reading books, watching movies, dancing or workout. Why so, isn’t it our responsibility to think about our personal needs and feed our mind with the things it likes.

So what should we do to enjoy the life to the fullest?

Eat what you love the most
Find joy in the small things like walking alone, cooking etc.
Give time to yourself
Go to your favorite destinations
Take break from work
Spend time with people closer to you
Listen to your favorite music
Learn the art of saying no as you cannot please everyone
Stop worrying about things, which are out of your control

Don’t kill the precious life gifted by god by just running after money and materialistic things. Listen to your heart and live life to the fullest for happy memories. Make every moment so special that when you look into your past, every memory brings a smile on your face. Just try to follow these tips and see the changes in your life.

Would love to listen from you about ideas of living a happy life. Please share the thoughts through comments.

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Can Materialistic Things Really Make Us Happy?

I was very upset a few days back and looking for something that can make me happy.

Being a woman the best solution I found is to go to the market and splurge money. No doubt I forgot about all my worries and got a peace of mind.

But for how long?

Is it really the solution for all problems? Can materialistic things really make us happy?

Suppose I buy a lavish phone and feel very happy; but for how long is this happiness going to stay?
Has happiness today just restricted to worldly pleasures and luxurious things?

What about our internal peace of mind?

Actually in this fast paced world and hectic lives, we are completely forgetting about true happiness. We just try to find it out in small things we can buy with money.

The reality is that we should spend money on real happiness and memorable life experiences which can bring a smile on our face whenever we think about them; not on the materialistic things.

Why, because in pursuit of inner happiness, our experiences are what matter more than just the material things like car, home, jewelry etc.
True Hapiness
Money Cannot Buy True Happiness

This is not something we are unaware of. We just don’t want to believe, because we don’t want to make efforts to find real happiness. We just look for momentary solutions and move ahead.
So the question is what should we do? Should we stop buying things?

No we shouldn’t; rather we can’t because it is also important for comfortable life.
But we should also take out time and make efforts to collect good experiences and memories.

Let’s take a simple example.

I went to dine out alone, I felt good but for how long?

Next time I went out with a group of my friends, we had lots of fun…. This I am going to remember forever. So, why can’t we take out time to spend with our friends? We have got so much busy in our lives that we manage with the materialistic things only. And every time the blame goes to shortage of time or the responsibilities.

Even this has been proved scientifically that buying expensive things can’t give us happiness, so why should we waste money.

Moreover materialistic things just make us greedy. You never feel satisfied. You buy latest model of any phone. Within months a new model will come in the market and you will start craving for that again. But the true happiness gives you inner satisfaction that stays forever.

So, the gist is that we should not run behind the material thing; we should try to preserve the moments, savor the pleasure and enjoy life to the fullest. Savoring every moment with family, friends and loved ones will bring a lasting smile on your face, which can never be measured by money.

Share your thoughts on how can we get true happiness and spread happiness.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

When will crime against women stop?

Sometimes feel so helpless. When the hell will the day come when there will be no news of rape or crime against women. Today again read news of a village's surpunch raping a 2 years old girl. It's really disgusting. Now where are those ministers and lawyers who say females attract males by wearing short clothes, smiling at them and going out at night.

When will men understand importance and value of women and stop treating them like a sex object. I really don't know why the hell do some men show their superiority by committing such heinous crimes. And more thanks to our so called legal system that keeps treating these bas***ds like a special guest instead of killing them immediately.

The situation is so bad that a girl can't even dare to laugh openly if a group of boys standing in front of her. Faced the same situation few days back.

I went out for dinner with my husband. A group of boys sitting in front of us was using such bad abuses for mothers and sisters that I felt ashamed, but they felt so proud on it. Further, on noticing that I was uncomfortable the activities increased more. I was not even able to look up and felt so helpless. If I could, I would have slapped each of the boy from that group. But not possible because men are superior and have right to rape a female anywhere.

Don't know when the day will come when we will feel free like boys and be able to move freely. 

Monday, 8 December 2014

9 Things Which Can Give You Instant Happiness

Have you ever realized that on looking at a smiling kid, you can’t hold back your smile? No matter in which state of mind you are, you will definitely smile back. This is just an example. There are a number of other things or situations in life, which can give you instant happiness or at least a smile that can lighten your mood.

Here I am going to talk about some of these situations. One confession, these all are not only my thoughts. I took help of my friends and ask them about the things, which give them instant happiness. I just thought of sharing these with you, thinking these might help you too.

1. Very first in the list, as I mentioned above is the cute and adorable smile of a kid. 

2. Your childhood images will definitely make you smile and will take you back in those sweet childhood memories. 

3. If you are a pet lover, you will feel great to spend time with your pet. I just get delighted of thinking to meet my favourite pet on returning home. 

4. If you are a food lover, I bet you will feel glad to see your favourite food in front of you in situation when you can’t imagine of getting it in any condition. 

5. A sweet and unexpected message from your loved one can bring a broad smile on your face. 

6. An unexpected call from your best friend can refresh your mood immediately, giving you a great day ahead. 

7. A warm hug from loved one is enough to bring a cheerful and sweet smile on your face.

8. Praising someone. Talking good about others always makes you feel great and the cherry on the cake is the sweet smile you get in return.

9. Making others smile. You bring smile on someone’s face and you will feel highly happy and content inside. You can do anything for this from cracking a joke to helping someone.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Tips to spread happiness

Spread Happiness
Happiness is a feeling and a state of mind filled with positive emotions. It is one of the things which everyone wants to have in his or her life. Life without happiness is considered to be empty and useless. Whatever we do in life is to achieve happiness. We live with family, do jobs, play favorite games and various other things, are done to just get happiness.

I wanted to ask one question to everyone. We always think of getting happiness, do we ever think of making other happy by spreading happiness all around us?

This is an art, which is present in almost every human being. We just need to realize this power. You must have met many people who are always happy and spread happiness all around them. Everyone loves to stay in company of these people who are full of life, energy and enthusiasm.

One of the most important things you need to remember is that you can make other happy when you are happy yourself. A pessimistic person can never make anyone happy. He will rather make a happy person unhappy with his demoralizing discussion. To be a happy person you should have healthy body and most important healthy mind.

Now you must be thinking you can do this? Have you thought of a situation when you share your good or some funny experience with someone, how happy the listener feels. So, spreading happiness is very simple and easy. Just share your joyful moments with your friends and family and make them happy.

Learn to celebrate your achievements, whether big or small, because it is a great medium to spread happiness among others. Happiness comes from doing something without any expectation of getting something in return. Sharing joy and happiness should also be done with the same feeling. When you make other happy, don't expect them to give you something in return. Bringing smile on someone's face is one of the best gifts you can give them and it costs you nothing.

A small tip in the end- If you can't do anything, just share a smile and see the happiness of other person's face. This is one expression which comes from heart. Like yawning, smile is also contagious. So, if you give someone a smile, you will definitely get a smile in return, which will make both of you happy.

So, be happy and make other happy!!

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Know How to Become A Happy Person

Every person in this world deserves happiness. Happiness has contagious effect, so you will find more people where happiness is there. But will it always come to us or we need to work to become happy? It’s our responsibility to work on our happiness and find sources and ways to feel happy and spread that happiness in our family, our community and in our society.

You must have met people who look happy most of the time. Are these people naturally happy or they are making efforts to bring that happiness in their life? Sometimes it can be there that they are lucky with an easy life, but it can’t be right every time. They people take particular steps and changes in their thinking and behavior to make their life happy.

Happiness is looking at the positive side of the world, spending quality time on happy things like reading some happy news, feel good news, learning something new.

Know here how you can become a happy person. Take these simple steps and notice the positive change in your life that will fill it with happiness.

Step One- Be ready for Happiness
Take your first step towards a happy life by making your mind that you really want to be happy. You desire to be happy is part of your efforts to feel the happiness. Once you have set your mind about finding happiness you will find many resources that make you feel good like inspirational videos, or some of your hobbies that make you happy.

Step two- OPTIMISM
Once you have made your mind, you will start looking at the things in positive sense and with an optimistic attitude. You can take help of different sources that tell you only about positive things happening in the world like positive news portals. Optimistic thinking can’t come in a day or two, it’s a result of your efforts towards bringing positive change in your behavior and thinking. Happy people recognize that their thinking is the foundation of an inspired process that leads to manifestation. By becoming optimistic, they give their life a direction that helps them make their dreams come true.

Step Three- Chase Your Happiness
Happiness can rarely be found by chance. Though sometimes you might find happiness in sudden situations or at unexpected places, but for this you should always be ready to chase the happiness. Don’t let the opportunity go from your hands. Always be ready to accept every happy moment coming towards you.
Happiness won’t come to you, until you pursue it. Go out, find happiness and enjoy your life happily.

While you may find happiness in unexpected places you must first open yourself to the possibility of happiness and prepare yourself to accept it when you find it. Some people are so miserable that they step right around happiness when they encounter. Don't let this happen to you. What is more, don't simply sit at home waiting for happiness to come knocking on your door. Go out and live life. Think about what currently makes you happy and spend time in those activities and think about what might make you happy and spend time experimenting. The more time you spend actively living your life then the more likely that you will also lead a happy life.