Thursday, 7 November 2013

Tips to spread happiness

Spread Happiness
Happiness is a feeling and a state of mind filled with positive emotions. It is one of the things which everyone wants to have in his or her life. Life without happiness is considered to be empty and useless. Whatever we do in life is to achieve happiness. We live with family, do jobs, play favorite games and various other things, are done to just get happiness.

I wanted to ask one question to everyone. We always think of getting happiness, do we ever think of making other happy by spreading happiness all around us?

This is an art, which is present in almost every human being. We just need to realize this power. You must have met many people who are always happy and spread happiness all around them. Everyone loves to stay in company of these people who are full of life, energy and enthusiasm.

One of the most important things you need to remember is that you can make other happy when you are happy yourself. A pessimistic person can never make anyone happy. He will rather make a happy person unhappy with his demoralizing discussion. To be a happy person you should have healthy body and most important healthy mind.

Now you must be thinking you can do this? Have you thought of a situation when you share your good or some funny experience with someone, how happy the listener feels. So, spreading happiness is very simple and easy. Just share your joyful moments with your friends and family and make them happy.

Learn to celebrate your achievements, whether big or small, because it is a great medium to spread happiness among others. Happiness comes from doing something without any expectation of getting something in return. Sharing joy and happiness should also be done with the same feeling. When you make other happy, don't expect them to give you something in return. Bringing smile on someone's face is one of the best gifts you can give them and it costs you nothing.

A small tip in the end- If you can't do anything, just share a smile and see the happiness of other person's face. This is one expression which comes from heart. Like yawning, smile is also contagious. So, if you give someone a smile, you will definitely get a smile in return, which will make both of you happy.

So, be happy and make other happy!!

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Know How to Become A Happy Person

Every person in this world deserves happiness. Happiness has contagious effect, so you will find more people where happiness is there. But will it always come to us or we need to work to become happy? It’s our responsibility to work on our happiness and find sources and ways to feel happy and spread that happiness in our family, our community and in our society.

You must have met people who look happy most of the time. Are these people naturally happy or they are making efforts to bring that happiness in their life? Sometimes it can be there that they are lucky with an easy life, but it can’t be right every time. They people take particular steps and changes in their thinking and behavior to make their life happy.

Happiness is looking at the positive side of the world, spending quality time on happy things like reading some happy news, feel good news, learning something new.

Know here how you can become a happy person. Take these simple steps and notice the positive change in your life that will fill it with happiness.

Step One- Be ready for Happiness
Take your first step towards a happy life by making your mind that you really want to be happy. You desire to be happy is part of your efforts to feel the happiness. Once you have set your mind about finding happiness you will find many resources that make you feel good like inspirational videos, or some of your hobbies that make you happy.

Step two- OPTIMISM
Once you have made your mind, you will start looking at the things in positive sense and with an optimistic attitude. You can take help of different sources that tell you only about positive things happening in the world like positive news portals. Optimistic thinking can’t come in a day or two, it’s a result of your efforts towards bringing positive change in your behavior and thinking. Happy people recognize that their thinking is the foundation of an inspired process that leads to manifestation. By becoming optimistic, they give their life a direction that helps them make their dreams come true.

Step Three- Chase Your Happiness
Happiness can rarely be found by chance. Though sometimes you might find happiness in sudden situations or at unexpected places, but for this you should always be ready to chase the happiness. Don’t let the opportunity go from your hands. Always be ready to accept every happy moment coming towards you.
Happiness won’t come to you, until you pursue it. Go out, find happiness and enjoy your life happily.

While you may find happiness in unexpected places you must first open yourself to the possibility of happiness and prepare yourself to accept it when you find it. Some people are so miserable that they step right around happiness when they encounter. Don't let this happen to you. What is more, don't simply sit at home waiting for happiness to come knocking on your door. Go out and live life. Think about what currently makes you happy and spend time in those activities and think about what might make you happy and spend time experimenting. The more time you spend actively living your life then the more likely that you will also lead a happy life. 

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Tips to make your job interesting

Doing job is something which we can’t avoid, as to lead our life and to earn money we need to work. But the problem is that most of us take it as a compulsion and find it a boring task. Is it always true that a job or office is a boring place?

I don’t think so!!!!!!!

Up to a high level it depends on us, how we take our job and how we spend our time there. We just need to come out with some ideas and office will be an interesting place. This is something which I have tried myself and I want to share with everyone. Some of the tips which can help you enjoy your job include:

Plan your day in advance: It is always better to plan your day in advance and try to work according to that only. It not only helps your prioritize the things, but also helps you know how much you can do in a day.

Find company of likeminded people: If you spend time with people who have same thinking like you, it will be quite easy to spend time in office. It will also make your job interesting, as you can share your ideas with your friends and come up with new things to make your work interesting.

Stay away from negative people: You will always find some people who have negative thinking and they spread negative vibes all around. Try to stay away from these people.

Concentrate on achievements: Don’t waste your time thinking about the shortcomings, rather think about your achievements and try to do better than that. Keep learning new things and implement these at your work.

Work on your passion: Show your passion in your work, and work wonders. It will not only make your boss happy, but will also make you a star as if you focus on your passion it will improve your work.

Take out time for yourself: Work only as much you can do and take regular breaks. Working continuously for long hours might increase the productivity but might have negative impacts on the quality of your work. So, take care of your body too and take small breaks.

Make your workplace interesting: It’s in your hands to create an interesting workplace. Don’t get involved in gossips or discussions which can hamper your work or your position. Rather work with people who are interesting and with whom you can laugh and learn new things. 

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Let's help each other find the happiness

As I mentioned in my last blog happiness depends on us up to a certain level. Different people opt for various options to feel happy and delighted like some spend time with family, some like to move out with friends, some watch movies and so on and so more. Now I want your ideas to help people fill their life with happiness. You must be thinking how would you do that?

Nothing, you just have to tell me what do you do to feel the happiness around you. What makes you feel positive in opposite situations or what do you do to forget your problems? May be we come up with some amazing ideas and can feel the different world around us. Let's help each other find different ways to feel the happiness and positive energy spread around us. 

Friday, 11 January 2013

What is Happiness?

What is happiness in your opinion? Many people would say it’s a life without any problem or a luxurious life with an ability to buy everything. But I define it differently. I read somewhere which I completely agree with: Happiness is not a problem free life; it’s our strength to triumph over the hurdles coming in our way.

It’s true that no one can avoid the difficulties, but what matters is how one reacts to these difficulties. Everyone wants to lead a happy and successful life. If we make it our purpose of life, no power can stop us from being happy even in opposite situations.

Though we want to be happy, but due to our busy lives we have forgotten exactly what is happiness. Some people find happiness in getting recognition, while some feel happy when they spend quality time with their family and some feel happy with luxuries of life. So, it can be inferred that happiness has different meaning for every individual.

What we need to do is to just find out what makes us happy and take out time to feel that happiness. No one can make us happy until we want it from inside. So just let the happiness come to you and make your life more enjoyable and meaningful.

Don’t look back or wait for future for happiness, just grab every opportunity that can make you happy in present, as it lies only in present.