Monday, 8 December 2014

9 Things Which Can Give You Instant Happiness

Have you ever realized that on looking at a smiling kid, you can’t hold back your smile? No matter in which state of mind you are, you will definitely smile back. This is just an example. There are a number of other things or situations in life, which can give you instant happiness or at least a smile that can lighten your mood.

Here I am going to talk about some of these situations. One confession, these all are not only my thoughts. I took help of my friends and ask them about the things, which give them instant happiness. I just thought of sharing these with you, thinking these might help you too.

1. Very first in the list, as I mentioned above is the cute and adorable smile of a kid. 

2. Your childhood images will definitely make you smile and will take you back in those sweet childhood memories. 

3. If you are a pet lover, you will feel great to spend time with your pet. I just get delighted of thinking to meet my favourite pet on returning home. 

4. If you are a food lover, I bet you will feel glad to see your favourite food in front of you in situation when you can’t imagine of getting it in any condition. 

5. A sweet and unexpected message from your loved one can bring a broad smile on your face. 

6. An unexpected call from your best friend can refresh your mood immediately, giving you a great day ahead. 

7. A warm hug from loved one is enough to bring a cheerful and sweet smile on your face.

8. Praising someone. Talking good about others always makes you feel great and the cherry on the cake is the sweet smile you get in return.

9. Making others smile. You bring smile on someone’s face and you will feel highly happy and content inside. You can do anything for this from cracking a joke to helping someone.