Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Stop Existing Start Living – We Have Got Only One Life

A few days back I saw one of my friends’ Whatsapp status “Stop Existing Start Living” which put me in a deep thought. The status forced me to think that are we really living our life to the fullest or just dragging it as we don’t have any other option.

Today everyone has got so much busy with the social responsibilities that these have taken over our lives completely. Our most of the time either goes in working in the office or in thinking about how to make more money for better life. We get so much busy with these worldly responsibilities and in making a better future that the today gets completely spoilt.

And the worst affected from this “more money” fuss is the middle-class group with limited income. The worries of providing better and secured life to the children, sending them to the best schools and fulfilling their all the wishes take away the charm of life.

I once read that the situation in which we born are not in our control, but the life we live is somehow in our control. It is completely up to an individual whether he wants to drag the life in the same conditions or tries to change the conditions for a better life.

There are so many things we miss in the busy life like:

Quality time with the kids. This is the thing I keep making my husband understand that he is missing our son’s childhood just because of his job. He is not the only one; there are many who work day and night for a few extra bucks but at the compromise of the family life. Just once try to give some time to the children, look at their mischievous activities and I bet you will forget all your worries.

Trips to dream destinations. My mom owns a shop and every time I ask her to go to any place, the only excuse she has is the loss of business due to tough competition. Once I forcefully took her to Shirdi and asked about the relief she got by taking a break from her regular work? She was really happy and relaxed.

Reading favorite books. After a lot of work in the office and then household chores, there is very less time left for personal activities. And when it comes to compromising on something for more productive work, the only thing gets affected are the personal interests like reading books, watching movies, dancing or workout. Why so, isn’t it our responsibility to think about our personal needs and feed our mind with the things it likes.

So what should we do to enjoy the life to the fullest?

Eat what you love the most
Find joy in the small things like walking alone, cooking etc.
Give time to yourself
Go to your favorite destinations
Take break from work
Spend time with people closer to you
Listen to your favorite music
Learn the art of saying no as you cannot please everyone
Stop worrying about things, which are out of your control

Don’t kill the precious life gifted by god by just running after money and materialistic things. Listen to your heart and live life to the fullest for happy memories. Make every moment so special that when you look into your past, every memory brings a smile on your face. Just try to follow these tips and see the changes in your life.

Would love to listen from you about ideas of living a happy life. Please share the thoughts through comments.