Wednesday, 3 June 2015

When will crime against women stop?

Sometimes feel so helpless. When the hell will the day come when there will be no news of rape or crime against women. Today again read news of a village's surpunch raping a 2 years old girl. It's really disgusting. Now where are those ministers and lawyers who say females attract males by wearing short clothes, smiling at them and going out at night.

When will men understand importance and value of women and stop treating them like a sex object. I really don't know why the hell do some men show their superiority by committing such heinous crimes. And more thanks to our so called legal system that keeps treating these bas***ds like a special guest instead of killing them immediately.

The situation is so bad that a girl can't even dare to laugh openly if a group of boys standing in front of her. Faced the same situation few days back.

I went out for dinner with my husband. A group of boys sitting in front of us was using such bad abuses for mothers and sisters that I felt ashamed, but they felt so proud on it. Further, on noticing that I was uncomfortable the activities increased more. I was not even able to look up and felt so helpless. If I could, I would have slapped each of the boy from that group. But not possible because men are superior and have right to rape a female anywhere.

Don't know when the day will come when we will feel free like boys and be able to move freely.