Tuesday, 15 November 2016

#DearZindagi: My Husband is my jug!

Friends are our lifeline. They laugh with us; cry with us; dance with us and do a lot more madness to fill the life with joy. 

I really can’t even imagine my life with friends. I watched the trailer of Shahrukh Khan and Alia Bhat’s upcoming movie ‘Dear Zindagi’ where Alia calls Shahrukh “Jug” of his life. She calls him jug of his life because she can share everything with him.

On watching it, the person who came to my mind was my husband. He is the real “Jug” of my life. I can:
  • Love him
  • Fight with him
  • Share everything with him
  • Vent out my anger on him, and
  • Enjoy every small moment with himI really can’t imagine a day without him. 
I might fight with him all day long, but this also has its own beauty and charm. He is the person who can listen to my crap throughout the day; can pamper me like a baby and can fulfill my silliest wish.

I have many friends in my life, but not all are aware of the minute details of my lifestyle, behavior, likings, disliking, ambitions and career goals. As a jug of my life he not just listens to me but also supports me in my goals.

Whenever I am stressed, he is the guy I can rely on and can share everything. I have heard people saying that you should not share each and everything with your husband as it can create a problem in your life, but I strongly disagree with this point.
Jug of My Life
He made me feel that life is beautiful. Handling me is like handling a stubborn child who wants everything then and there. He knows how to handle me. Whenever I win or achieve something, I can see more excitement in his eyes than mine. He is the only person I can rely on when I have to share some secret or worries because he understands my state of mind and makes things easier and smooth for me. 

These are just a few reasons that make my husband “jug” of my life; there are millions of other things making him so special in my life. After my mom, he is the only person in my life I admire the most. We have gone through many ups and downs due to other family problems, but he never let me break. He is always there with me as my strength. 

Every one of us has a jug in our life. Share who is your jug through comments!!

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